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Egypt Point Lighthouse.

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Egypt Point Lighthouse is the most northerly navigation beacon in the Isle of Wight, not far from West Cowes and was first established by the Corporation of Trinity House in 1897. The light provided a guide to those navigating the Solent for almost a century until 1989 when the changing requirements of the mariner led to the light being discontinued. In 1997 Cowes Local Authority took over from Trinity House the responsibility for its upkeep in order to maintain the beacon as an important landmark.

When operational it consisted of a 25 feet high red painted metal column with a balustrade and white painted light at the top, which was visible for 10 miles. The light was removed in 1967 and replaced with a modern polycarbonate navigation light. The old light was exhibited as a working example at the Trinity House Lighthouse Museum at Penzance but has since moved to Hurst..

The name "Egypt" is thought to derive from a colony of gypsies (then called "Egyptians") who lived in the area in the 16th century. The picture on the left is the current light and the one on the right is the old light.