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Woodside Ferry Lighthouse.

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Woodside Ferry is in the town of Birkenhead on the Wirral Peninsula in Cheshire. As early as the 1840s a fixed light was shown to guide the ferry from Liverpool across the River Mersey to Birkenhead to a beach and stone quay close to the Woodside Hotel.

In 1863 the land was reclaimed and a new ferry terminal, buildings and landing stage was constructed adjacent to the hotel. A new light was established which consisted of a white painted metal light housing placed on a blue painted wooden square tower with a fog warning bell suspended underneath. The whole structure was placed on top of a blue painted wooden workman's hut standing on the end of the pier.

On either side of the pier were slipways at which the boats used to berth, using whichever berth was considered more sheltered at the time.

During 1984/5 the ferry terminal buildings and landing stage were demolished and replaced by the current new facilities. The old light was removed and only the light housing was saved which has now been painted red and placed on top of a large white painted stone round tower which has a small entrance door in the bottom.

The light remains standing in the same position that it occupied at the end of the pier although with the in filling of the old pier, it stands on firm ground close to the new terminal.