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Beaulieu Lighthouse

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Beaulieu Lighthouse is officially called Beaulieu River Millennium River Beacon as it was erected at the time of the millennium. Trinity House was involved in the design for a land beacon and light. The traditional design was chosen to be in keeping with the quality of the area and as a local feature visible not only from the sea but from along the coast and the visitor area of Lepe Beach. It is on land in or near the garden of Lepe House.

A local architect, Brian Turner was given the brief to design the lighthouse and the building was undertaken by Mark Keeping. The total cost was £ 35,000 and the light was first shown on 8th July 2000 and replaced an existing unlit rear transit mark.

The lighthouse is a circular white painted rendered masonry tower 25 feet high with traditional tapered design to the underside of the lantern. The glazed lamp room set on the gallery is octagonal with single sheet glass panes. The dome is GRP and is fitted with a weathervane.

The light is a Tideland ML 300 TF3b Unit and is sectored to provide a white "safe" beam of 7'. Each side is a sector of either red or green to show the approaching craft if they are veering off to port or starboard of the safe channel. The complete arc is 26 degrees. The unit measures 800mm high and is powered by a twelve‑volt battery recharged from the main electricity supply.

The light is occulting WRG 4s 13m 4/3M with the following Sectors: Green 321' ‑ 331' White 331' ‑ 337' Red 337' ‑ 347'.