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By 1940 an acute shortage of timber led to the development of other forms of buildings for accommodation. The Laing hut consisted of standard prefabricated lightweight timber wall sections bolted together. End sections consisted of 2 corner sections 8 feet 3 inches high and one central door section 2 feet 8 inches wide. Side sections were usually made up of 10 sections, each 6 feet wide and incorporating a steel half window frame which when combined with a left or right hand section would form a standard sized window. The walls were lined both inside and out with plasterboard and additionally the outside covered with felt. Lightweight composite roof trusses were spaced every 4 feet and supported corrugated asbestos sheeting outside and inside with plasterboard.

A 'Laing' hut. Example - Headquarters site, building No.23, Canteen. Drawing © Mike Millichamp.