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Bill; who was born about 1915; lived in London and came to Goring Heath on essential works in 1942. He could not go into the Armed Forces because he had bad eyesight. He met his future wife, Joan Slade, at 70MU. He was one of six men billeted at White Cottage, Goring, the home of Admiral Sir Henry Harwood; Commodore of HMS Exeter; also in charge of HMS Ajax; and HMS Achilles fame re Battle of The River Plate. Whilst there he had to wait until he got to 70MU every morning before he got his breakfast in the canteen. At night he had his evening meal at the Temperance Hall (currently the Library) in Station Road, Goring. Miss Swain; a hunched back old lady; ran the place and cooked the school dinners and evening meals there which were often cold by the time Bill got there. He was at White Cottage for about 3 months in early 1942 and then went to live at Sonning Common with a family whose son worked at the MU. Bill first worked at Site 3, Shed 28; then Site 1. Used to unload the drums of anti freeze.

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