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I somehow stumbled across your very interesting RAF Woodcote web site.

I lived in Woodcote between 1971 and 1981 and spent many summers playing in the woods around Long Toll never understanding where or what all the concrete platforms were and also what I now know were blast shelters. We had no idea of the scale of what went on in the area and in all the local history lessons at school I cannot remember anyone ever mentioning RAF Woodcote. I can tell you where the first school house was and the local drinking water well but your web site explains all.

In the early 70's a friend who lived in Long Toll Cottage and myself helped clear what looks like from your map area 23 and spent a couple of summer holidays playing tennis on the peaceful hideaway. We found many little glass bottles etc buried around the place.

I drove through Woodcote and up Long Toll for the first time in many years this summer and could just still see a very over grown area 23 although the whole area seems to be fenced off now.

Just thought you would like to know a younger generation found your web site interesting.

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