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I was born in Woodcote Road Caversham and was cycling to Woodcote by the time I was 8 or 9. As a wayward teenager , I attended midnight parties in those woods ( late 1950's) . Our "drugs" in those days was mostly brown ale, which was about all we could afford. I never really rummaged around as much as I should but did come home with handfuls of pocket kits to prevent misting of "Masks Anti-Gas" ( very useful for my motorcycle goggles). These were tiny metal canisters a bit fatter than a lipstick, with a screw cap at each end. One end contained a small cloth and the other a waxy substance. The pile of them on the ground was so large that you could have shovelled them up.

I left that area about 1964 by which time they had started to dig up some of the nice flat concrete areas in the woods, so popular for courting couples.

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