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I moved to Caversham Heights from north London with my parents in 1952. I still live in Reading and I am now 63. I had bike rides past much of RAF Woodcote in the 1950s, mainly on my way out to Woodcote to the bus depot at the top of Long Toll - Kemps in those days - they went bust in 1955 and Chiltern Queens was formed to take them over. I've done much research and have a large collection of photos, timetables and tickets on Kemps and have done a lot of research into the little bus businesses that even preceded Kemps. Kemps started August 1928 (having come from Leicestershire) but there were others with small bus businesses which started earlier in the 1920s - when South Oxon was very, very rural and the roads hadn't yet been tarred. Ernie Cox and Vera Stratten were two people I also talked to in this connection - many years ago now. Ernie Cox died a few years ago now - but not before he had passed on to me a great deal of pre-Kemps bus information, for, indeed, he ran a bus service himself until the 1930 Road Traffic Act effectively put him out of business.

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