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This local newspaper cutting about 2008 clearly indicates that no one knows of the history of the area. I do not know whether or not anyone was able to state the correct poistion. The article reads :-

The World War II items that I have featured in the past have generated plenty of comment, so I wonder if anyone has anecdotes of what is in this week's picture.

Dotted around our area and often on the edge of the woods, but especially in the Checkendon vicinity, are these reinforced ditches - presumably for observing and firing on invading troops.

There are also quite large panels of concrete in places close by what were once bases for temporary camps, and are now well and truly grown over. In fact, it's remarkable how long they have resisted the ravages of nature and lasted so long.

The beech tree that you see on the right up tight against the walls in my picture has a trunk of about four feet in circumference, so if you believe the old adage of an inch to a year for this type of tree growth, then this was a seed or tiny sapling when the defence was being constructed.

Does any reader know if these are the Home Guard's slit trenches that I have read about ?