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I was at Woodcote MU from 1943 to 1957. When I left our Commanding Officer was Mr. Patterson, and Site Officer Commanding was Mr. Wilkie. They had been there a few years. Both were married and lived in Reading. By then we did not have uniform officers. We had civilians that had been officers. I cannot remember the year of change over.

I can only remember one Officer's Married Quarters which was a small two bedroom hut which did not have a garden. So their children used to wander down to the Motor Transport workshop. One Officer that lived there had twin boys about eight or nine years old. The chaps in the workshop made them catapults. One dinner time the workers were queued up outside the canteen waiting to go in. You had to have your own knife; fork; and spoon and mug. So everyone was holding them down beside them. These boys smashed one of the chap's mug leaving him holding only the handle. Of course he complained and the catapults were destroyed.

When I was in Site 3 office our Site Officer lived there. Their little boy used to wander off down to the workshop. So some afternoons we had him in the office. We would sit him up to a table to do some drawing.

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