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I can remember going to school at Goring Heath from Whitchurch Hill past the 70mu. There seemed to be a lot of work going on. We would catch the bus to school but walk home. There was a large man in a hut on the corner where we got off the bus (where the Iron Raindeer is now) a very happy bloke with a mug of tea in his hand. I can also remember the twins who came to school but not their names. I enclose a photo of the school about 1952. There were a lot of Polish children there from Whitchurch, Manor Rd. I saw the Queenmarys now and then go by. I think the wires found in the woods in the pits are from the manouvers the army held all round the area in the 50s they were used for phone wires and they left them behind when they went. The water tank is still down the Reading Rd as are the blast pens

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