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I have spent the evening reading through your website with much interest. I grew up in Woodcote in the 70's and 80's and spent a great many hours of my childhood playing in the woods making camps in the blast shelters, etc.

I knew these structures and the concrete bases were to do with the war but didn't realise how many other structures there would have been and how important the set up must have been in the 40's and 50's.

There used to be another air raid shelter at the top of Greenmore hill near the Black Lion pub. It was situated next to the radio tower which still stands today (look for the triangulation point on the map). It was demolished in the late 80's when the new reservoir was being constructed. I had heard that the tower was used during the war as a lookout post and I clearly remember that there used to be a wooden building on the top of the tower. In fact I remember walking past as a child (in the late 70's) on the day it was being dismantled with bits of timber being thrown down to the ground.

I also remember there being an old wooden box on a telegraph pole in the woods just on the corner of Potkiln Lane. I have a feeling it may have had bits of a telephone or some kind of equipment inside.

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