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Goss China Model Lighthouses.

This definitive guide to the ten Goss model lighthouses has been extracted from the book 'The Price Guide to the models of W.H.Goss' by Roland Ward (1980). If your model is not on this list then it is not a Goss model and is some other make or copy. However, you may have a different crest, indicating a different lighthouse; even one that is land locked in land; but the inscription on the base and model number will be one of the ten listed here.

I do not possess any Goss models. Any photographs here are placed above the caption to which they refer and have been copied from Goss models for auction on eBay. For those which I have been unable to get an eBay photo, then I guess that they do not come onto the market very often.

Beachy Head Beachy Head2 Beachy Head3 Beachy Head4

Model No.333 Beachy Head Lighthouse a) Brown Band - Height 125mm b) Black Band - Height 125mm

Inscribed 'Model of Beachy Head Lighthouse. Rd.No. 622475'

Model No.334 Braunton Lighthouse - Height 133mm

Inscribed 'Model of Braunton Lighthouse, near Westward Ho. Copyright'

Chicken Rock Chicken Rock2

Model No.335 Chicken Rock Lighthouse - Height 127mm

Inscribed 'Model of Chicken Rock Lighthouse, Isle of Man. Rd.No. 602906'

Model No.335a Dungeness Lighthouse - Height 125mm

Identical to Beachy Head Lighthouse

eddystone eddystone2 eddystone3

Model No.336 Eddystone Lighthouse - Height 125mm

Inscribed 'Model of Eddystone Lighthouse'

Longships Longship2

Model No.337 Longships Lighthouse - Height 122mm

Inscribed 'Model of the Longships Lighthouse, Lands End'

North Foreland North Foreland2

Model No.338 North Foreland Lighthouse - Height 108mm

Inscribed 'Model of the North Foreland Lighthouse. Rd.No. 639537'


Model No.339 Portland Lighthouse a) Brown Band - Height 120mm; b) Black Band - Height 120mm; c) Red Band - Height 120mm

Inscribed 'Model of the Portland Lighthouse. Rd.No. 622478'

Model No.340 St Mary's Lighthouse - Height 135mm

Inscribed 'Model of St Mary's Lighthouse, Whitley Bay. Copyright'

Teignmouth Teignmouth2 Teignmouth3 Teignmouth4 Teignmouth5 Teignmouth6

Model No.341 Teignmouth Lighthouse - Height 115mm

Inscribed 'Model of Teignmouth Lighthouse Rd.No. 622474'

The models may bear the name and crest of any UK town, resort etc.

image545 image671 image696 image697

This is Goss and is a early lighthouse but not yout usual convention lighthouse. On the base it is inscribed ' Model of Tower on St. Catherine's Hill, Isle of Wight. Built in 1323 by W. de Godyton for a chantry priest to sing mass for the souls of mariners and in the tower a light was placed to warn ships off this dangerous coast'.

Model No. 630366. You can still see this building today not far from the ruins of another unbuilt lighthouse; again not far from St. Catherine's lighthouse.