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Lighthouses of the River Humber.

Paul, a keen photographer and who lives in Humberside, very kindly took these photographs for me whilst on his rambles. He took them in the summer of 2006.

Thanks Paul for an excellent tour.

Here are the Thorngumbald lights on the Humber not far from Paull. The white one is the low light and the red one the high light. Both were established in 1870. When I first saw them in 2000 you could reach them by crossing a field from the road, but in 2003 I noticed that the river defence wall had been deliberately breached in order to flood and create a wetland. There used to be a similar pair of lights to these at Salt End but they were demolished in the 1960s.

image587 image588 image589

image590 image591 image592

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image596 image597 image598

image599 image600 image601

The old lighthouse at Paull was built in 1836 and made redundant in 1870. Fortunately the current owner looks after it well and cherishes it.

image602 image603 image604

image605 image606 image607

image608 image611 image610


These are on the Lincolnshire banks of the Humber, starting with the old Killingholme South Low light, painted white. Built in 1836 it is still going strong. Next is the red Killingholme High Light, built in 1876 and still in use today. Finally, the old Killingholme North Low Light desperately in need of a new coat of white paint was built in 1852 and made redundant in 1920.

image612 image613 image614

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