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Gunfleet Lighthouse.

Adam is a Merchant Seaman who lives in Essex and took these photographs in 2005 when he and his brother in law were spending a lazy afternoon on his 'floating gin palace'. Adam climbed up the structure and took a peep inside. His brother in law was not quite thin enough to make it so he took the distant photos.

Now Adam clearly states that this was not a sensible thing to do and warns others not to attempt to board the lighthouse as the structure is even more unsound than it was then.

Never the less I must say 'Well done' to Adam as this is the nearest that any one of us is likely to get of a tour inside and out of this now derelict lighthouse.

If you want to read the history of this light you will find it in my Lost Lighthouses page Gunfleet Lighthouse.

image828 image830 image832 image831

From left to right - Adam posing for posterity as we see Gunfleet at low tide. The third picture shows the solar panel window room.

image833 image834 image835 image836

From left to right - more good shots from different view points. The picture on the right shows the rusty ladder up to the entrance hatch.

image837 image838 image839 image840

From left to right - the solar panel room; the bunk room; lower room with glass rectangular port hole; and the stairway to the roof

image841 image842 image843 image844

From left to right - top of the ladder with the davit arm and block; bottom half of the lamp stand on roof; top half of the lamp stand; and finally, the PLA weather equipment.

Once again - Thanks Adam for a great set of photographs.