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Reference Books.


I have listed below all of the books that I could find on the internet, some of which have been used for reference. I have included a few modern books on the subject but not the latest as I find that the newest publications do not provide any new facts. In the main I have concentrated in with detailing the old and out of print books. Many I have seen come up for sale on eBay and achieve very high prices but never the less you should be able to see some of these in the reference section of major libraries.

ACT OF PARLIAMENT 1786 Kinnard Head; North Ranilsha; Scalpa; Mull of Kintyre
ACT OF PARLIAMENT 1836 All lighthouses + 11 named
ACT OF PARLIAMENT 1825 Trinity House
ADAMS, W.H.Davenport 1875 Lighthouses and Lightships Thomas Nelson & Sons Ltd
ADAMS, W.H.Davenport 1891 The Story of our Lighthouses and Lightships Thomas Nelson & Sons Ltd
ADAMSON, Horatio A 1904 The Villiers Family - ….& Owners of the Lighthouse Socy Antiquaries Newcastle
ADMIRALTY LIST OF LIGHTS 1971 Vol. A; British Isles Hydrographic Dept. Taunton
ADMIRALTY LIST OF LIGHTS 1981 Vol. A; British Isles Hydrographic Dept. Taunton
ADMIRALTY LIST OF LIGHTS 1973 Vol. A; British Isles Hydrographic Dept. Taunton
ADMIRALTY LIST OF LIGHTS 1970 Vol. A; British Isles Hydrographic Dept. Taunton
ARMSTRONG, Warren 1964 White for Danger Elek Books Ltd, London
ARMSTRONG, Warren 1958 The True Book about Lighthouses and Lightships Frederick Muller Ltd. London
BACON, Jean & Stuart 1992 Orford and Orford Ness Segment Publications
BACON, Stuart R 1996 Southwold, Suffolk Segment Publications
BARRETT, C.R.B 1893 The Trinity House of Deptford Strond Lawrence & Bullen, London
BARRETT, Roger 2006 Start Point and its Lighthouse. Orchard Publications
BARROW, Jas P 1955 Crosby Lighthouse 1839 - 1898 Crosby & District Historial Soc
BATHURST, Bella 1999 The Lighthouse Stevensons Harper Collins
BAXTER, Eric 1969 Safety at Sea Bodley Head
BEAVER, Patrick 1971 A History of Lighthouses Peter Davies Ltd., London
BECKERLEGGE, John J 1936 The Bell of the Lighthouse on Plymouth Breakwater Devonshire Association etc
BLAKE, George 1956 Clyde Lighthouses; A Short History 1756 - 1956. Jackson, Son & Co
BOARD OF TRADE 1863 Dungeness Lighthouses - Copy of Log re Electric Light House of Commons
BOER, G de 1984 A History of the Spurn Lighthouses East Yorks Local History Society
BOWEN, J.P 1947 British Lighthouses Longmans, Green & Co.
BOWEN, J.P 1937 Lighthouses, Lightships and Buoys The Mariner's Mirror
BOYLE, Martin 1996 Lighthouses, To light their way B&T Publications
BOYLE, Martin 1997 Skerries Rock, Lighthouses of England & Wales B&T Publications
BOYLE, Martin 1999 Lizard Point, Lighthouses of England & Wales B&T Publications
BOYLE, Martin 1999 Beachy Head, Lighthouses of England & Wales B&T Publications
BOYLE, Martin 1997 Wolf Rock, Lighthouses of England & Wales B&T Publications
BOYLE, Martin 1997 Longships, Lighthouses of England & Wales B&T Publications
BOYLE, Martin 1998 The Smalls, Lighthouse of England & Wales B&T Publications
BOYLE, Martin 1998 Bishop Rock, Lighthouses of England & Wales B&T Publications
BOYLE, Martin 1997 Eddystone, Lighthouses of England & Wales B&T Publications
BOYLE, Martin 1996 Lighthouses; Four Countries - One Aim B & T Publications
BOYLE, Martin & BLUER, Handel 1998 Pendeen, Lighthouses of England & Wales B&T Publications
BOYLE, Martin & TRETHEWEY, Ken 1996 Portland Bill, Lighthouses of England & Wales B&T Publications
BOYLE, Martin & TRETHEWEY, Ken 1996 Needles Point B & T Publications
BROWN, Cynthia Gaskell 1988 The Eddystone Lighthouses Plymouth City Museum & Art
BUTTERFIELD, A.E 1939 Humber Conservancy Board; Report on Lighthouses etc Humber Conservancy Board.
CALVERT, E.M 1939 The History of Hunstanton Lighthouse Jarrold & Sons Ltd
CAMP, A.J 1987 Trinity House Petitions Society of Genealogists
CARLYON HUGHES, B 1939 The History of Harwich Harbour, 1863 - 1939 Standard Print.&Publish. Co.
CARPENTER, Edward 1998 Dungeness Lighthouses Margaret F Bird Associates
CARTER, C G & BRENTNALL, H C 1952 Man The World Over Basil Blackwell, Oxford
CARTER, George Goldsmith 1946 Looming Lights Constable
CARTER, George Goldsmith 1953 The Goodwin Sands Constable
CHADWICK, Lee 1974 Lighthouses and Lightships Dennis Dobson
CHASE, Mary Ellen 1965 The Story of Lighthouses W.W.Norton & Co
COLES, K. Adlard 1963 Channel Harbours & Anchorages (Solent to Portland) Edward Arnold & Co
COLES, K. Adlard 1959 Creeks and Harbours of the Solent Edward Arnold & Co
COLES, K. Adlard 1968 The Shell Pilot Guide to the South Coast Harbours Faber & Faber Ltd
COLLINSON, Don 2004 The Dart Estuary Lights; Marks & Lighthouses Kingswear Historians
COOKE; Arthur O 1917 Life at Sea – A Week on the Eddystone Hodder and Stoughton, London
COOKE; Arthur O 1917 Ships & Sea Faring – Shown to the Children T.C & E.C.Jack Ltd
COOPER, Glynis 2000 Rosevear; A desert island story Historic Occasions
CORBIN, Thomas 1926 The Romance of Lighthouses & Life Boats Seeley, Service & Co. Ltd, London
CURTIS, Bill 1993 The Lighthouses of Fleetwood; A Brief History E.Curtis
DE MARE, Eric 1973 The Nautical Style Architectural Press Ltd
DEMPSTER, Dorothy 1959 Get to Know; Docks and Harbours Methuen & Co. Ltd
DICKENS, Charles 1882 Dickens' Dictionary of the Thames MacMillan & Co
DOUGLASS, James Nicholas 1985 The Building of the Wolf Rock Lighthouse Journal of the Trevithick Socy No.12
DOUGLASS; William T 1892 The Bishop Rock Lighthouses Institution of Civil Engineers
EDINBURGH REVIEW 1862 Wrecks; Life boats, and Lighthouses The Leonard Scott Publishing Co
EDWARDS, E. Price 1884 Our Seamarks Longmans, Green & Co.
EDWARDS, E. Price 1882 The Eddystone Lighthouses Simpkin, Marshall & Co
EMMERSON, George S 1969 The Stevensons - Pioneers of Coastal Lights David & Charles Ltd
ETHERTON, P.T. & BARLOW, V 1950 Tempestuous Isle Lutterworth Press, London.
EVANS, Robert 1909 Model Lighthouse for use in Schools HMSO Patent Office
EYRE; Kathleen 1960 Sand Grown; The Lytham St. Annes Story Weaver & Youles
FINDLAY, Alexander George 1892 The Lighthouses of the World and Fog Signals Richard Holmes Laurie, London
FOX, Howard 1879 The Lizard Lighthouses Royal Institution of Cornwall
FREEMAN, Eric 1958 The Solva Saga - Smalls lighthouse
GARLAND, Rosemary 1961 Lighthouses; How Things Developed Educational Supply Association
GRANT, Kay 1969 Robert Stevenson, Engineer and Sea Builder Meredith Press, New York
GROSVENOR, J.S 1959 Trinity House Staples Press
HAGUE, Douglas B 1994 Lighthouses of Wales Royal Commission etc
HAGUE, Douglas B & CHRISTIE, R 1995 Lighthouses; Their Architecture, History & etc Gomer Press
HALE, Stephen L 1984 Lighthouses and Lightships of East Kent East Kent Maritime Trust
HAMILTON FYFE, J 1874 Triumphs of Invention & Discovery T. Nelson & Sons, London
HARDY, W.J 1895 Lighthouses; Their History and Romance Religious Tract Society
HART DAVIS, Adam 2002 Henry Winstanley and the Eddystone Lighthouse Sutton Publishing Ltd
HELLOWELL, John 1998 A Tour of Manx Lighthouses Peter Williams Associates
HILLS, Ian 1988 The Lighthouse and the Battleship (Heugh Hartlepool) CIJA Publications
HOBBS, J.S 1972 The British Channel Pilot 1859 D Bradford Barton Ltd
HOLDEN PIKE, G 1897 Among the Sailors; during the life and reign of the Queen Hodder and Stoughton, London
HOLLAND, Clive 1908 From the North Foreland to Penzance Chatto and Windus, London
HOLMES, F.M 1896 Celebrated Mechanics & their Achievements-Lighthouses S.W.Partridge & Co, London
HUGHES, Margaret 2004 Anglesey Lighthouses and Lifeboats Carreg Gwalch
HUME, John R 1997 Harbour Lights; Scottish Vernacular Buildings SCV Buildings Working Group
JACKSON, Derrick 1975 Lighthouses of England and Wales David & Charles Ltd
JAMES, Jude 2003 Hurst Castle; An Illustrated History St Barbe Museum
JERROME, E. G 1966 Lighthouses, Lightships and Buoys Basil Blackwell, Oxford
JOHNSON, Eric G 1990 The Life and Times of Leasowe Lighthouse Friends of Leasowe
JONES, Ted 1991 Stranded on the Longships - (in the year 1966) Merlin Books Ltd, Braunton
KILSHAW, William 1954 The Friendly Lights Not given
KING, John W (Staff Commander RN) 1867 The Pilots Handbook for the English Channel J.D.Potter, London
KITTON, F G 1892 A Visit to the Eddystone Lighthouse The Strand Magazine
LANE, A J 1997 The Eddystone's Lighthouses P.L.M. Ltd
LANGHAM, Anthony & Myrtle 1970 Lundy David & Charles Ltd
LANGMAID, Kenneth 1966 The Sea, Thine Enemy Jarrolds Publishers Ltd
LANGTON JONES, R 1950 Silent Sentinels - The History of Lighthouses Frederick Muller Ltd. London
LEA, John 1910 Danger Signals Wells Gardner, Darton & Co
LEE; David 2006 The Southwold Lighthouses Southwold Museum
LINNEY, A.G 1933 Lure and Lore of London's River Sampson Low, Marston & Co
LINNEY, A.G 1929 Peepshow of the Port of London Sampson Low, Marston & Co
LONG, Neville 1983 Lights of East Anglia Terence Dalton Ltd
LUCAS, E.V 1931 Visibility Good; Essays and Excursions Methuen & Co Ltd
MAIR, Craig 1978 A Star for Seamen (Stevenson Family of Engineers) John Murray
MAJDALANY, Fred 1959 The Red Rocks of Eddystone Longmans, Green & Co.
MAJOR, Alan 2000 The Kentish Lights S B Publications
MARSHALL, Emma 1894 The First Light on the Eddystone Seeley & Co, Essex St, London
MARTIN, Nancy 1977 Sea and River Pilots Terence Dalton Ltd
MASON, John 1957 The History of Trinity House of Leith McKenzie Vincent & Co, Glasgow
MATTERS, G 1980s The Story of the Eddystone Lighthouses Privately published.
MAYO, Walter H 1905 The Trinity House London Past and Present Smith, Elder & Co, London
McCORMICK, W.H 1936 The Modern Book of Lighthouses &c A & C Black Ltd, London
McNEE, Tom & ANGUS, David 1985 Seaham Harbour, The First 100 years 1828 - 1928 xx
MEAD, Hilary P 1947 Trinity House Sampson Low, Marston & Co
MEDLAND, John C 1995 Alum Bay and the Needles Coach House Publications
MEDLAND, John C 1986 Shipwrecks of the Isle of Wight West Island Printers Ltd
Smeaton's Tower and the Plymouth Breakwater Reprint from Maritime History
MITCHELL, Peter 1999 The Plymouth Breakwater Submerged Productions
MOAKES, L 1946 History of Travel & Communication - Book 2 John Crowther (Educational) Ltd
MOIR, David R 1958 The Birth and History of Trinity House, Newcastle McKenzie Vincent & Co, Glasgow
MOORE, Mary F 1962 Life Boats and Life Saving MacMillan & Co Ltd, London
MORRISON, Paul & RYLANCE, Tony 1989 Coquet Island, Northumberland Belfry Publicity, Newcastle
MUDD, David 1978 Cornish Sea Lights Bossiney Books
MYRES, T Harrison 1896 Lighthouses, Past and Present Guardian Printing Works
NAISH, John 1985 Seamarks; Their History and Development Stanford Maritime Ltd
NATIONAL TRUST 1995 Souter Lighthouse and The Leas The National Trust
NAVILLUS, C.H 1908 The Eddystone Lighthouses. Western Morning News Co. Ltd.
NICHOLSON, Christopher 1983 Rock Lighthouses of Great Britain Patrick Stephens
NITON WOMEN'S INSTITUTE 1959 Niton Calling Women's Institute
NIX, Michael 1982 The Cruel Coast of North Devon Badger Books
NOALL, Cyril 1968 Cornish Lights and Shipwrecks D Bradford Barton Ltd
O'RIORDAN, Ian 1982 The Eddystone Lighthouse Salt in Plymouth Museum Plymouth City Museum & Art
OTTER, R.A 1994 Civil Engineering Heritage - Southern England Institution of Civil Engineers
PARKER, Tony 1986 Lighthouse Eland, London
PEARSON, Lynn F 1998 Lighthouses Shire Publications Ltd
PHILLIPS, Godfrey W 1949 Lighthouse and Lightship &c Robert Ross & Co Ltd
REED, Olwen 1968 The Story of Lighthouses, Lightships and Lifeboats Ladybird Books Ltd
REES, John S 1949 History of the Liverpool Pilotage Service Not given
RITCHIE NOAKES, Nancy 1988 Jesse Hartley; Dock Engineer Liverpool 1824-60 National Museums Merseyside
ROBERTS, Elizabeth G 1984 They All Lived in Lighthouses Gee & Son Ltd
ROBINSON, John and Diane 2007 Lighthouses of Liverpool Bay Tempus
SANDERSON, Robert 1990s? The Four Eddystone Lighthouses Not given
SHARP, Eric W 1986 Lighthouses of the Channel Islands Toucan Press
SHEPPARD, Thomas 1912 The Lost Towns of the Yorkshire Coast A.Brown & Sons Ltd
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STEVENSON, Robert 1931 The Bell Rock Lighthouse Cambridge University Press
STEVENSON; D. Alan 1946 The Engineering Work of the Clyde Lighthouses Trust Inst of Engineers & Shipbuilders
STEWART, Ann 1970s The Lighthouse Keeper Hamish Hamilton, London
STOREY, Arthur 1971 Hull Trinity House History - River Humber 1512 - 1908 Ridings Publishing Co
STOREY, Arthur 1967 Trinity House of Kingston upon Hull Trinity House, Kingston upon Hull
SURTEES, John 1999 Beachy Head S B Publications
SUTTON JONES, Kenneth 1998 To Safely Guide Their Way B&T Publications
SUTTON JONES, Kenneth 1985 Pharos, The Lighthouse Yesterday Today Tomorrow Michael Russell Ltd
TALBOT, Frederick A 1913 Lightships and Lighthouses William Heinemann
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TARRANT, Michael 1998 Trinity House, The Super Silent Service Gomer Press
TERNSTROM; Myrtle 2009 Light Over Lundy Whittles Publishing
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THOMPSON, A.G 1939 The Thames from Tower to Tilbury Bradley & Son Ltd
THOMPSON, A.G 1934 The Romance of London River Bradley & Son Ltd
THOMPSON, Capt. D 1987 The Hull Trinity House School 1787 - 1987 Not given
TRINITY HOUSE 2002 Highlights of the Coast Jarrold Publishing
TRINITY HOUSE 1979 Trinity House London Booklet Reedprint
UNDERWOOD, Charlie 1993 The Great Light; The Orford Ness Lighthouses Segment Publications
VENTNOR LOCAL HISTORY - Beacons and Lighthouses in South Wight Ventnor Local History Society
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WILLIAMS, Peter 2001 Beacon on the Rock Aurum Press
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