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Book Reviews.

I like reading modern fiction but I also like reading fiction of the last century, especially those with a lighthouse theme. All of the books either reviewed below or listed below have been bought in charity shops for a couple of pounds going to a good cause. The interesting fact about these novels, whether they are for adults or for children, is that they reflect the moral standards at the time and the Victorian ones can seem quite harsh but the exploits are amazing and death defying.

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I list below all of those books that I have read that are either adult or childrens' fiction to do with lighthouses, or have a factual content aimed at young people. You will notice that some have the same title. That is when I first learnt that you cannot copyright a book title or film title.

ANDERSON, Ella 1961 The Vanishing Light Pickering & Inglis Ltd
ANDREWS; Marion 1904 The Child of the Lighthouse Wells,Gardner, Darton & Co.
ARDIZZONE, Edward 1979 Tim to the Lighthouse Oxford University Press
BALLANTYNE, R.M. 1908 The Lighthouse Blackie & Sons Ltd
BALLANTYNE, R.M. 1920s The Story of the Rock - Building on the Eddystone James Nisbet & Co, London
BBC 1973 Blue Peter Annual, 10th book BBC
BBC 1976 Blue Peter Annual, 13th book BBC
Big Chief I Spy 1950s I spy Ships and Harbours News Chronicle
Big Chief I Spy 1950s I spy At the Seaside News Chronicle
BLYTON, Enid 1974 Five go to Demon's Rocks Knight paperbacks
BROWN, Francine Litt 1968 Lighthouse Boy Down East, Maine, USA
COBB, James F 1894 The Watchers on the Longships Wells Gardner, Darton & Co
EVERETT GREEN, Evelyn 1897 Pat the Lighthouse Boy John F Shaw & Co. London
FIDLER, Kathleen 1959 The Deans' Lighthouse Adventure Lutterworth Press, London.
FITT, Mary 1955 Annabella at the Lighthouse Thomas Nelson & Sons Ltd
GARVE, Andrew 1963 The Sea Monks Collins Crime Club, London
HARDING, Emily Grace 1889 Perilpoint Lighthouse Walter Scott Ltd
HAYLE, Felicity 1958 Our Brother Nick and the Tolling Bell Sampson Low, London
HERVEY, E.L 1892 The Rock Light or Duty Our Watchword Frederick Warne & Co London
KEIR, Gertrude 1955 The Lighthouse - Adventures of John, Bill, and Red. Oxford University Press.
LEE HOPE, Laura 1958 The Bobbsey Twins at Lighthouse Point World Distributors Ltd
MAIR, Craig 1981 The Lighthouse Boy John Murray
McCULLAGH, S K 1965 The Lighthouse E J Arnold & Sons, Leeds
MURRELL, Shirley 1948 Perilous Rock Hodder and Stoughton, London
PRONZINI, Bill & MULLER, Marcia 1988 The Lighthouse Robert Hale, London
RAND, Rev. Edward A 1890 Margie at the Harbour Light Thomas Nelson & Sons Ltd
RAND, Rev. Edward A 1920s A Candle in the Sea or Winter at Seal's Head James Nisbet & Co, London
RAND, Rev. Edward A 1893 At The Black Rocks Thomas Nelson & Sons Ltd
REYNOLDS, Henry 1921 Coastwise - Cross-Seas J.D.Potter, Admiralty Agent
ROWE, John G 1944 The Secret of the Old Lighthouse John Crowther Publication
TANSLEY, A E & NICHOLLS, R H 1962 The Lighthouse - Racing to Read Book 12 E J Arnold & Sons, Leeds
TRACY, Louis 1905 The Pillar of Light Ward Lock & Co
VOLK, Gordon 1930s The Lighthouse Mystery Skeffington & Sons Ltd, London
WALTON, Mrs O.F 1887 Saved at Sea; A Lighthouse Story Religious Tract Society
WOOLF, Virginia 1971 To The Lighthouse Dent, London