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1 Gas Defence Centre
2 Building erected by Unit
3 2 x Unit buildings
4 Temporary accommodation for Unit
5 Ambulance and Fire Station
7 Cycle shelter
8 Telephone kiosk
9 Police hut
10 Guard House and Armoury
11 M & E Plinth
12 4 x Constructors huts
13 Headquarters office (Extension added by Unit)
15 Semi sunken Air Raid shelter
16 AMWD Offices and stores
17 2 x Fire Fighting Tanks
18 Equipment store
19a-19g 7 x Barrack Huts (19g AMWD workshop)
20 AMWD Rest room
21 Latrines
22 Water tower to ablutions
23 Canteen
24 Latrines
25 Barrack stores
26 Airmen Dining room
27c 3 x Barrack huts (Part of Labour Camp)
28 Ablutions and latrines - Officers and Airmen
29a-b 2 x Officers quarters
30a-d 4 x Barrack huts
31 Work Services offices, stores and compound
32 Contractors office
33a-b 2 x Checkers huts
34 4 x Huts erected by Unit
35 Workshops office
36 Battery charging room
37 Forge
38 2 x Motor Transport petrol installations
39 Maintenance sheds and workshops
40 Old Transportation shed
41 Latrines to storage sheds
42 Motor Transport office
43 Drivers Rest room
44 Accounts office
45 Bulk oil compound
46 Salvage hut and compound
61c Fuel compound
BS 2 x Blast Shelters


80 Destructor house
81 Tool house
82 Bucket emptying M.H.


1-10,10a,11,12,12a,13 15 x Storage sheds
11a M & E Plinth
41a 15 x Latrines to sheds (marked on map as *)
60 2 x Static Water tanks
61 Fuel compound
62 Sub Site office
62a Sub Site office
63 2 x Dope stores
64 Boiler house
65 Search Room and Blast Shelter
66 Hut erected by Unit
67 'E' Fluid installation
BS 4 x Blast Shelters


14-23 10 x Storage sheds
4a 2 x Temporary accommodation for Unit
11b M & E Plinth
20a Transportation shed
33c Checkers hut
41b 16 x Latrines to sheds (marked on map as *)
61a Fuel compound
62b Sub Site Office
62c Sub Site Office
65a Search Room and Blast shelter
68 Bottle Washing room
69 Inflammable store
70 Transportation office
BS 3 x Blast Shelters


24-38 15 x Storage sheds
11c 2 x M & E Plinths
33d 2 x Checkers huts (also used as Police Huts)
41c Latrines to sheds marked on map as *)
60a 2 x Static Water tanks
61b Fuel compound
62d Sub Site office
62e Sub Site office
65b Search Room and Blast shelter
67a 'E' Fluid installation
71 Sub Site Canteen
72 Septic tank and filter
73 Electricity Sub station
74 Sanitory block
75 Cleaning and preservation plant in shed 31
BS 6 x Blast Shelters