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Progress Magazine was the 'In House' magazine produced by RAF Milton, 3MU and included contributions from all its sub sites and employees. It was published monthly with a few exceptions. (PUBLIC RECORD OFFICE - AIR 29/1448 & 29/1449)

Industrial Whitley Committee for the Unit for 1948 - Mr.R.Wallis & Mr.E.Fullbrook of the A.E.U; Mr.J.Sanderson of the A.S.W; Mrs.N.Whitehead, Mr.F.Dunster, Mr.J.Miniham & Mr.J.Dawson of the N.U.G.M.w; Mrs.V.Hobson, Mr.L.Keen, Mr.L.Couling & Mr.F.Townson of the T & G.W.U.

March 1948 - Contained a poem entitled 'The Cat' by W.F.Whitehead of the Fire Station, Goring Heath, No.8 Site, Woodcote.

"Site No.8 Woodcote Fire Brigade.
With the amalgamation of Site 8 with No.3MU our Unit Fire Brigade extends a hearty welcome to all the members of Site 8 Fire Brigade who care to call when they are in the locality of Milton. Although the two stations are far apart we would like to feel that we are one brigade. We also welcome the volunteer teams that are competing in the Site Competition and sincerely wish them every success."

"They also serve" by W.F.Whitehead, Fire, No.8 Site.

'Engine, Petrol, Fire, Type B', Demanded, July Twenty three,
Is still 'N.A', it is a laugh, We ought to write its Epitaph,
In Progress, get a paragraph, Beside black bordered photograph,
To 'Senior Firemen' down below, Waiting there for us will be,
'Engine, Petrol, Type B', Perhaps its really just as well,
Our Static Tanks are dry as xxxx !.

(Editorial Note - Sorry we can't spell it - perhaps you can !)

May 1948 - "Woodcote, Site 8. Too late for publication this month we have received a very fine photograph of the Woodcote Fire Squad."

June 1948 - Contained the above mentioned article.

August 1948 - Contained an article called 'Woodcote News' - An Appreciation by Mr F.Turner, P/F Tech, Furniture Repair Section.

1948 - Contained an article of an article on the history of 70MU before it became No.8 Site, Woodcote.

December 1948 - Contained an article on the Furniture Repair Section at No.8 Site, Woodcote; also contained an article called 'Progress' - a contribution from Woodcote by 'Chair leg'.

January 1949 - Contained a contribution from C.Brown of No.8 Site, Woodcote of a poem about Goring & Streatley and Great Western Railway which was first published in the Punch Magazine in 1924.

February 1949 - Contained a poem by W.F.Whitehead entitled 'Fire Station, No.8 Site, Woodcote'.

May 1949 - Contained an article on the Furniture Repair Section at No.8 Site, Woodcote.

1949 - Contained an article on the Furniture Repair Section at No.8 Site, Woodcote.