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Ordnance Survey Maps

For obvious reasons military installations were never shown on Ordnance Survey maps, but what I can show you from the following 4 maps is the change in the area and in one the footprint of the buildings can be seen.

image14 image15

The 1878 map is on the left and the 1908 map on the right. The field shapes are still the same today.


This is a rare close up from a 1946 aerial photo when the buildings are still in use.


By 1963 when this map was produced the POW site was old news so the footprint could now be shown.

image16 image17

The aerial map on the left was downloaded from the internet but was not a Google map. However it shows the footprint of the buildings that were demolished leaving only the concrete foundations visible. The map on the right is a Google map of 2017 showing the site as it is today.


I found this aerial photo on Facebook; so I acknowledge that it is not mine; but - it does show the POW camp layout. I guess it is from the 1980s.