Welcome to Mellanear Copper and Tin Mine

This simple guide to the history of Mellanear Mine is compiled by me to help others, who like me, may have a basic understanding of the glorious history of Cornish tin and copper mining, but would like to understand what lays beneath the tarmac of their modern housing estate.

Mellanear Mine in its prime was the second largest copper producing mine in Devon and Cornwall but once the copper had been worked, a second chance for the mine to recover tin proved uneconomical and fruitless.

The mine was known as Mellanear and was on the edge of Wheal Alfred mine and also part of the larger mining undertaking known as Wheal Alfred Consols. Later it was worked as a sole concern. However, as far as I am concerned, I shall focus only on this single mine which worked on two areas on the borders of Hayle on the road to Helston.

There will be no photographs of Mellanear Mine for as far as I am aware none were ever taken and photography was in its early infancy when the mine was abandoned.

All mining information given is factual and has been obtained from all the publicly available records in the various local reference libraries.

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