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Observations on the West of England Mining Region - J.H. COLLINS - 1912

Extract from :-

Page 182.

Mellanear (St Erth), which lies south and west from Wheal Alfred, was worked as West Alfred Consuls as far back as 1815, but only on a small scale. It was re-opened as Mellanear in 1864 and continued at work until 1889, when it was finally stopped, being then something over 100 fathoms deep. In wet seasons very large quantities of water were raised here, the writer remembers that in April 1873 and for many months previously the average quantity was no less that 1162 gallons per minute, chiefly from the bottom of the mine.

Page 402.

West Alfred Consuls; Phillack and St Erth. Included among others the mine afterwards worked as Mellanear.

Sales as under :-
1851-56, Copper ore, 3395 tons sold for £13,597
1857-65, Copper ore, 5008 tons sold for £17,427

Page 532.

Mellanear Mine, St Erth, is the western part of the old West Alfred Consuls. Re-opened 1864. Had 76 inch pumping and 17 inch winding engines. Was then 50 fathoms below adit (12) and employed 63 people. In 1870 was 100 fathoms deep and employed 40 people. Was taken over by a limited company in 1876, who continued at work till 1889, when it was wound up, after a little more than the original capital had been returned in dividends.

1815, sold 99 tons of copper ore for £624.
1866-8, sold 66,311 tons of copper ore and 80 tons of black tin.

For cross-section see Geol. of Land's: End, p. 113.

Page 620.

Table V – Successive Deposits in fissures in killas.

1st Deposit Quartz
2nd Deposit Limonite
3rd Deposit Anglesite