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Mellanear Mill

I cannot find any drawings or illustrations of the old Mill but we can still follow the same water course without alteration as has always run from time immemorial.

image81 image82

These two photographs are NOT of Mellanear Mill but they are the nearest I can get to an image of what it would have looked like. You will notice that the stream and the landscape is similar to the current views below.

image71 image72

The above photograph on the left shows the stream arriving from Leah and then, as shown in the above photograph on the right, runs over the road called Strawberry Lane as a ford and continues towards Hayle.

image73 image74

This above photograph on the left shows the stream now running immediately from Strawberry Lane towards the A30. I have used this photograph as the undergrowth and vegetation has been recently cut back and shows the strength of the water course at its best. The Mill was in the small spinney on the left. In the above photograph on the right you can see a close up of the spinney and somewhere in there would be either the remains or the footprint of the old mill.

Mellenear Mill was situated on the bank of stream between Leah and what later became the millpond for Harvey's Foundry. This was a grist mill and described as such in the sale deed relating to a share in the Trelissick esate in 1657. When in 1715 Roger Wearne was granted a lease of Lanuthoe in St Erth, part of the Trelissick Manor, it was a condition of his tenure that he took his corn to Mellenear Mill to be ground.

It is not known when Mellenear Mill was built, but its name, meaning 'the long mill' in Cornish, indicates that it was an ancient mill which gave its name to the tenement on which it was built. It seems to have been in use until the second half of the eighteenth century when it was demolished.

If you were to join the stream at the ford at Strawberry Lane and were able to walk the bank then before you got to the culvert in which the stream passes under the A30 bypass, then you will have unknowingly passed the site of the old mill.