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Overhead Cableway

John in his personal memories says 'One other memory, second hand, is from Miss Vivian who lived in Meadowside who remembered that there was an overhead aerial cableway from the shafts near the garage to the Croft bringing the ore for processing. Some of the wire cables were still in use as fencing on the Water Lane boundary when I lived there, possibly still are.'

image84 image85

These two images are NOT of the Mellanear Mine Overhead Cableway, but they are the best that I can find which gives an idea of what a simple structure that possibly existed at the time.

image86 image87

With a little bit of help in being told where to search the old boundary, I was able to find some of the old cable that has lay hidden all these years. It is too thick to be normal boundary wires but thick enough and strong enough to be part of the overhead cableway. It is probably the pulling cable and not the one that bore the weight of the skips.