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(Transcribed from Russell Webber’s [1934-2017] research)

The Mellanear Mining Set was worked for over a period of 78 years by the following :-

1. The Mellanear Mine, 1812-1816
2. Mellanear, 1864-1868
3. Mellanear Mining Company Limited, 1868-1874
4. The New Mellanear Mining Company Limited, 1874-1876
5. Mellanear Copper Mining Company Limited, 1876-1890

Mellanear Mine is the western part of Wheal Ann Copper Mine, which later was worked as West Alfred Consols. Wheal Ann lay to the east. Mellanear is located about a half mile south of Hayle Foundry and straddles the main Hayle to Helston road.

It was one of the wettest mines ever worked in Cornwall and was the last major copper mine to be worked in Cornwall, and for the years 1876-88 its output overtook that of the celebrated Devon Great Consols mine.

The are two principle lodes, Main Lode and North Lode, which course E.N.E and under lie N.N.W at a steep angle. The lodes are the continuation of those worked at the Wheal Alfred Group of mines to the east, and contains copper pyrites, iron pyrites, tinstone and zinc blend.