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(Transcribed from Russell Webber’s [1934-2017] research)

Very little information was found concerning the management, operations and capital of this mine, which straddles the Hayle - Helston road about ½ mile from Hayle Foundry. A 1/32nd share in the mine was for sale in May 1812, indicating that the working capital was raised from 32 shares. In 1814 the mine had reached a depth of 48 fathoms below adit and was drained by a single acting, low pressure pumping engine, cylinder diameter 58 inches, stroke of 7ft 6ins outside and 6ft in the cylinder. The engine had a pumping duty of 23.16 millions and W. Sims was the engineer. There was also a 20 inch pumping engine of the sett. The mine materials were offered for sale in June 1815, and the closure was due to the collapse in copper prices which closed other mines at the time, including Wheal Ann.

ADVERT W.B. 9-6-1815 MILLENEAR (sic)

Mine materials, to be sold at Millenear, in the Parish of St Erth, on Monday June 12th at 11 O'clock in the forenoon.

A fire engine, 58 inch cylinder;
A fire engine, 20 inch cylinder;
36 fms of 16 and 15 inch pumps;
3 working barrels, 14 inch;
3 clack-seat pieces, 15 inch;
3 wind bores, 15 inch;
4 ½ fms of 14 inch pumps;
6 fms of 12 inch pumps;
1 working barrel, 10 ½ inch;
1 clack-seat piece, 10 inch;
1 wind bore, 10 inch;
7 ½ fms of 11 inch pumps;
30 fms of 9 inch pumps;
1 working barrel, 8 ½ inch;
1 working barrel, 8 inch;
1 clack-seat piece, 8 inch;
4 wind bores, 8 inch;
1 bucket door piece, 10 inch;
1 plunger case and shifting bar, 14 inch;
1 plunger case and shifting bar, 10 inch;
1 plunger case and shifting bar, 8 ½ inch;
40 fms of 9 and 10 inch rods;
18 fms of 6 inch rods;
28 fms of 5 inch rod;
18 fms of 4 inch rods.
Iron pumps, working pieces, clack-doors, and wind-bores, of different dimensions; wrought iron works, whims, ropes, and kibbles, sundry lots of old timber etc. etc.

An earlier advert (26-4-1815) giving information of the sale of mine material, stated the 50 inch steam engine was single acting and used low pressure, (i.e. on the Bolton and Watt plan), and included 'Two Boilers, with fire places in the tubes'.