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Mellanear Smelter

There was a smelting works here on the site during the most of its active life.

Cyril Noall says in 1984 - In 1837 a new smelter was started by Williams & Harvey on land owned by Harvey & Co at Mellanear. The Harvey of this undertaking was Colin Harvey of St Day, a gentleman unrelated to the Harvey’s of Hayle.

Harveys of Hayle had a smelter opposite to where Asda stands today; also there was one where the car park is behind the Post Office; and of course there were others in Hayle and Copperhouse. In addition there was the Mellanear Smelting Works near the Mill Pond which operated only for the period when Harveys of Hayle were owners and operators of the mine at Mellanear when it was part of the Wheal Alfred complex and was finished by 1862.

To further confuse historians when Harveys of Hayle closed down this smelter they started and operated a new one, also called Mellanear Smelting Works, but this time at Bootle, near Liverpool. The picture below is of their modern forms of transport.


The smelter at Mellanear was opposite where Tolroy garage is today. The smelter and the stone crusher and other associated mining buildings remained for a long time.


This 1938 auction notice in the local paper advertises the sale of 'Dwelling House, Buildings and Land, situate at Mellanear, viz Lot 1; The Freehold Dwelling House; Offices and Garden; Lot 2; The buildings formerly used as Smelting Works, together with Garage now let to Mr. J.H. Pellow, and also including a dump of slag.'

Lot 3 included some more land, and Lot 4 was the same but also included more slag dumps. This sale concluded the sale of the whole Mellanear site at Tolroy. The other part of Mellanear was sold by private treaty in 1948 and became known as The Croft.

The current planning permission describes the site as brown field 'as a parcel of land opposite Tolroy Garage It was the old smelting house grounds for Henry Harvey Trevithick and had a row of cottages on it called Mellanear Row and Mellanear Smelting House next to Mellanear Mine'. No doubt their mining engineers and surveyors will have confirmed these statements.