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Proceedings - Institute of Mechanical Engineers - 1873

Extract from :-

Page 146

As an illustration of the large quantities of water which have occasionally to be pumped out of the mines, even when not very extensive, it may be mentioned that at Mellanear mine, near Hayle, in one month from 19th April in the present year, and indeed for many months previously, the average quantity of water raised was no less than 1162 gallons per minute. For pumping purposes the engines are almost always of the single acting “Cornish” type, of which many fine examples are to be seen within the Cornwall district. Although the duty of these engines has from various causes greatly fallen off within the last thirty years, their performance will still as a whole compare favourably with that of the engines of any other mining districts. At Mellanear for example during the period above referred to, and although the engine was working at the unusually high rate of 12.2 strokes per minute for the whole month, including all stoppages, the average duty was no less than 49 million ft.-lbs. per cwt. of coal consumed. During the same month the duty of the 85 inch engine at Dolcoath, working 4.4 strokes per minute, was 65.6 millions. Each of these engines is supplied by four Cornish boilers, and steam at from 40 to 45 lbs. pressure per square inch.