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MELLANEAR has again come to the front, showing what a marvellous profit can sometimes be made from a mine condemned and abandoned as unworthy of prosecution by a former Company. Comparatively recently started by the Messrs. Taylor, in 10,000 shares of £2 each, or on a capital of £20,000, she has already repaid the shareholders 16s per share, or £8,000 in dividends, and is now selling at from £5 to £5 10s per share, or between £50,000 and £55,000 for the mine. And all this has been done by raising comparatively low produce copper. As Devon Great Consols paid nearly a million of money profit on low produce stuff, in times past, so Mellanear is paying good dividends at present; about £3000 being paid in dividends this year. Still a profit of £4469 has been made in the past six months. Last week 615 tons of copper were sampled for next sale. As in others of the Messrs. Taylors' mines the costs are closely charged up, and a reserve fund of over £1000 is standing to the cedit of the Company. Major Haye is the purser and Capt. Gilbert the manager.