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Engine Shaft also known as Mellanear Shaft

These series of photographs were taken by 'Wheal' around 1995 on the site opposite Tolry Garage and he has very kindly allowed me to reproduce them here in connection with this history as they are relevant to the history of Mellanear.

The comments are those of 'Wheal' and the copyright of the photographs belong to 'Wheal'. Any comments or discussions on them can be dealt with on the forum at www.aditnow.co.uk

These two photos show the only remaining visible shaft of Mellanear mine. They were taken around 1995 and are still open. They show the wooden lining still in situ.

image98 image99

These two photos show the view when cleared. You can see Hayle in the background with the A30 bypass in the middle ground and somewhere in between is the site of the Harvey's Mellanear Smelting works.

image100 image101