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Susan Hocking summoned William Arthur to shew cause etc. Both parties were from Gwinear.

Mr. J. R. Daniell appeared for the complainant and Mr. Wellington Dale for the defence.

Complainant stated that she was confined of a male child at her father's house, Gwinear, Feb 27th. Her father was an engineman at Mellanear mine; defendant worked at the same place. They had been on intimate terms for three or four years. Some time since her mother found that she was in the family way, and she told her mother who the father was.

At her father's house; her father, mother and defendant present; complainant told him he was the father of the child, and he replied to the effect that she had been intimate with others. He did not visit her at her father's house, but followed her up whenever she was at work on her father's ground. He used to crawl away on his hands and knees when he saw any one coming.

By Mr. Wellington Dale; He never took her to walk but came to her father's house one night, about two years ago. Defendant had never given her a brooch. At the interview spoken of he said 'I have seen you with Rodda and Pooley'. She had been improperly familiar with both of these several times. The last time she was with Rodda was last harvest, in the fields. They were working together alone. When her mother knew her state she said 'I suppose Arthur is the father of the child; I saw him out in the barn'

By Mr. Daniell; She had not been intimate with Rodda for three years. Arthur was the only one she had anything to do with for 12 months. Elizabeth Hocking, the mother of the complainant said that in consequence of the discovery of her daughter's state, on the Tuesday before Christmas day, defendant came to the house at their invitation. When charged with being the father he held down his head 'like a man who had had a bad quame.' She had not known they were intimate, till she discovered her daughter was in the family way. William Hocking, father of complainant, corroborated, and said that defendant, when confronted, stated that he had no money, and should go to prison.

Mr. Wellington Dale; urged in his defence that in a case of this kind, where the woman admits her loose conduct with two men, then the evidence against the third should be of the strongest character. He submitted that such testimony had not been placed before them. There was no disinterested witness to speak of the conversation which took place between the two parties. He did not think there was sufficient evidence to call upon him to answer the case.

The Chairman; We think there is a case to be answered.

Mr. Dale then proceeded to call for the defence William Arthur, 21, working at Mellanear and living about half a mile from the applicant's house, who had seen Rodda with her, and told them he had seen two others with her. He had nothing to do with her. He was in the barn about 18 months ago. On his way to Gwinear downs it came to rain, and he sheltered there.

The bench, after careful consideration, made an order of 2s a week till the child is 13.