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No Blame On A Lorry Driver

While pedal cycling to work on Saturday, Mr. Thomas John Hocking (60), of Reawla, Gwinear, was injured in a road accident and died soon afterwards at St. Michael's Hospital, Hayle.

The accident, which involved a lorry, occurred almost directly opposite the old cottages recently demolished in Mellanear Road, Hayle. At an inquest conducted by Mr. P.J.Chellew (county coroner) at Hayle on Monday, the principal witness was William George Leonard Bailey, of Mellanear Road, lorry driver for Primrose Dairy Ltd, who said that on Saturday morning in dreadful weather, he left home with the lorry. In Mellanear Road he saw a light coming straight for him as he sat in the driver's seat. It was 50 - 60 feet away when he first saw it and 5 to 6 feet from the near side.

'I blew my horn' he continued 'The cyclist did not alter his course. I immediately pulled in and braked. Then I heard a rattle and knew that the cyclist had struck the lorry. I was stationary or almost so'.

Witness described how he found deceased lying in the road and gave all the assistance he could. He had been driving for Primrose Dairy for nearly 14 years.

William Williams, of Burnt Downs, Leedstown, who usually cycled to work with the deceased, said he saw him lying on the crown of the road at the lorry's rear, with the cycle touching the hind wheel of the lorry on the right hand side.

Mr. J.R.Bazeley (for the driver); Was the wind likely to blow you about ?; If you pass a gate or lane on a very rough day the wind may take you off your balance. It was that sort of day.

Cons. Barrett of Hayle, said that on Saturday morning there was heavy rain and the wind of gale force blowing across the road from the nearside as one approached Hayle.

Miss June Hocking, Reawla, Gwinear, daughter of the deceased, said that her father had been cycling ever since she could remember.

Other witnesses were Joseph George Hocking, of Roseworthy, Camborne, son, who said that deceased was employed at Ward's ship breaking yard at Hayle. Dr, P.L. Renouf, who described the multiple injuries, including a fractured skull; and Thomas Lewis Jelhert, of 3, Alverton Place, Penzance, a driver for Primrose Dairy. Mr. J.F.W. Bennett for the widow), acknowledged expressions of sympathy with the relatives.