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Mellanear Row

Mellanear Row was a row of terraced cottages owned by Mellanear Mining Company for the benefit of their workers. Mellanear was the area around the mine and after the mine closed a garage was established called Mellanear Garage. In 1938 it came up for sale although the garage was let to Mr. J. H. Pellow. By 1942 it was known as Mellanear Garage and in 1946 was converted to Mellanear Garage Co. Ltd with a board of directors. Later it changed hands and was then known as Tolroy Garage and although not a garage now it is still referred to as Tolroy Garage and houses a few small businesses.The cottages were on the Tolroy site opposite the old Tolroy garage. There were seven cottages in a row together with two thatched cottages. For over 50 years there was a small community living at Mellanear.

When the mine closed down in 1890 they remained occupied and by 1938 they had become derelict and were condemned. In 1948 they were demolished and the two thatched cottages had burnt down.

In 1881 census there were 10 houses with a total of 40 people; the 1891 census has yet to be checked but the 1901 census shows a decline to 7 houses with 33 people.

The 1881 census shows the Oates family house of 4; Penhayle 2; Trathern 7; Whitford 6; Uren 4; Phillips 7; Williams 2; Clemence 3; King 2 and finally the Oliver family of 3.

The 1901 census shows the Oates family house reduced to 2; King increased to 6; Sedgeman 5; Clemence increased to 6; Whitford reduced to 5; Collins 2; and finally the Roscorla family of 7.

Most of the people shown in the following newspaper articles are also shown in the census.

As far as I am aware there are no photographs of them so the pictures below are the nearest I can get to an illustration of them.

image133 image134

These two pictures are a guide to what you would be able to see in 1938.

image135 image79

The first picture is of a derelict thatched cottage and the final shows the current footprint of the row of seven cottages.

Here is a smaple of life at Mellanear Row.

1892 January 14 - James Oates of Mellanear Row was drunk and swore and used disgraceful language. Fine 10s.

1905 February 2 - Funeral of Mrs Clemence, wife of Mr R. Clemence of Mellanear Row.

1908 July 16 - Birth of a son to the wife of J. Jose of Mellanear Row.

1908 July 16 - Birth of twin girls to the wife of Mr James of Mellanear Row.

1913 November 20 - Funeral of Richard Clemence, age 86, of 4 Mellanear Row.

1923 June 27 - Funeral of Mrs Oates, widow of James Oates, of Mellanear Row.

1930 June 5 - Miss Nora Ellen Pellow of Mellanear Row sought paternity maintenance from the father of her child. James Chappel of Mellanear Row bore witness that Nora and the father were often seen togther. Her mother, Mrs Mary Pellow and sister, Miss Eilene Pellow also lived at Mellanear Row.

1931 April 3 - Fatal car accident killed 13 year old John Clifford Pellow of 2 Mellanear Row. Father was John Glasson Pellow; sister Nora Helen Pellow.

1935 August 1 - St Erth Housing Committee wanted the clearance order on Mellanear Row to be rescinded in view of the shortage of houses.

1937 September 30 - Hayle Housing Committee stated that the notice for the demolition order for Mellanear Row had been served.

1938 April - Notice of auction of seven cottages at Mellanear Row for sale, with vacant possession, and subject to a demolition order. Buildings are capable of being converted in to cattle sheds.

1948 December 16 - 60 year old cyclist killed almost opposite the recently recently demolished old cottages (Mellanear Row) on Mellanear Road.