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This 2005 publication by Michael Sagar Fenton with Stuart B Smith is the first book on the history of Serpentine to be published for many years, if ever at all. Find out more about it by clicking on the menu to the left.

Serpentine ;- At the heart of the Lizard.

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Becky Morris discovers the rich history of the Lizard peninsula.

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In Search of Serpentine.

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When Serpentine was in Vogue; ruins of a Cornish Factory.

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W.Bradbury & Son.

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Serpentine Marble Company Ltd.

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The Industries of Penzance and its neighbourhood; No. IX – The manufacture of Serpentine.

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The Industries of Penzance – (xi) Serpentine working.

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Class VIII – SILICATES – Serpentine.

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Beneath the Skin of the Lizard.

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100 Years Around the Lizard

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