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Photograph Gallery

The following 4 photographs were taken by Russell Webber in the mid 1990s. As far as I can tell not many local people took the trouble to record the passing of these buildings so their existence is a very good reminder.

image01 image02

The photo taken during the winter snow is a reminder that snow is not very often seen in St. Erth. The photo on the right shows a standard accommodation hut.

image03 image04

Two photos of the tower block with the water reservoir header tank on the top.


This photo was taken by my good friend and local farmer on his perambulations and shows the activity here in the mid 1990s.


This photo was kindly supplied by a local man; Mike; and shows him and his sister taken in 1957/8. In the background you can see the POW camp and water tower. Thanks Mike.

The following photographs I took this year (2017) and show the current state of the site.

image18 image19

Here we can see the pump house still standing. It was built; as the plaque describes; by the prisoners of war in 1943 and stands as their only memorial. The pump house now stands in the grounds of a private house which was built at a later date.

image20 image21

Here we can see the remains of the old concrete road entrance off Green Lane and then the other end at the camp. You can see that the recent excavation shows that under all the leaf mould etc the concrete road still exists.


Somewhere to the right of this photograph will be the concrete foundations. They should be the same footprint as seen in the early aerial photo.

In common with all UK POW camps, the local camp paper currency was used. The amounts were the same as civilian currency; but the POW money could only be spent in the POW camp of issue. I cannot trace any St Erth money but the following are examples from other camps. Russell made drawings of a 3d (three old pennies) note that he had seen issued by Camp No 115 at Whitecross.